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Residential Roofing 

At Perimeter Roofing Orlando FL, we do more than keep your roof in shape; our quality residential roofing repair and replacement services ensure the safety of your employees and customers. Whether the job is big or small, it gets our full attention. We understand how important your roof is to you, and that’s why we work quickly and safely to get it back in order. 

Properly scheduled, annual roof maintenance will also increase the longevity of your roof, so call us today and schedule a free roof inspection!

Perimeter Roofing Orlando FL provides a wide variety of roof shingles for different types of roof materials including:

  • Slate Roof
  • Copper Roof
  • Cedar Wood Shake Roof
  • Clay (Tile) Roof
  • Composition (Asphalt) Shingle Roof
  • Residential Metal Roofing

Asphalt Shingles Roofing Repair

The number of roof repairs that your asphalt shingle roof will need depends on the climate and the quality of the installation. When installed by our specialist, you can be sure that there will be no outstanding or underlying issues. However, in a Florida environment that has a bit more extreme temperatures, like high humidity and strong storms, then it is recommended to have your shingles inspected regularly for wear and tear, as well as storm damage. 

The average lifespan for shingles is normally around 20 years. However, it has been determined that they last about 14 years in warmer environments, such as the southwest and southeast. Your shingles may start to leak, some of them may crack or get blown off, especially towards the end of this lifespan, but our roof repair contractors will deal with all of those issues swiftly, expertly and efficiently.

residential roofing

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Roof Replacement

Your roof works hard to protect your home from harsh weather! This creates a constant strain over the years, eventually leading to a need for residential roof replacement. But you can’t trust just any roofing contractors to provide strict attention to detail for your residential roofing replacement. You need a residential roofing company with industry leading roofing materials, a team of highly trained roofing contractors, and efficient turnaround times for your roof replacement. You need Perimeter Roofing Orlando FL! Call today to learn more about our roof replacement services! We would love to serve your home with top quality residential roofing services today!